Contributor: Lynda Davies

We provide this guide (found in the links below) as an additional support for those staff involved in the creation of the course profile. It follows the structure of the course profile illustrating where decisions need to be made and the requirements we need to follow to be compliant with current official University policy, procedure or practice.

At key points in the year, the AEL Curriculum Consultant (Lynda Davies) and Blended Learning Advisor (Karin Barac) consult all the policies and procedures that relate to the course profile and check what changes occurred to them through the various committees and their flow-on effects to the course profile completion and submission processes.

The Course Profile Completion Guide includes reference to all the particular requirements specified in the identified policies and procedures. For your reference we also compile and update tables listing those documents.

Remember, too, that there are various resources produced by Academic Services at:


(You must have a Griffith University staff account to access these resources)

Course Profile Completion Guide and Checklist (relevant to Summer and T1 profiles)

Assessment related policies and procedures

Course Profile related policies and procedures



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