Contributor: Karin Barac

This episode is here to help people update their Reading Lists for the coming trimester. In late 2016, a change was made to the Course Profile system so that it now has a direct link to the Reading List system so that academics no longer have to enter this information in two places. This means that you should now get in the habit of updating your Reading List in line with your Course Profile rather than with your Learning@Griffith site (as was the usual practice before this change).

The following video has been created to take you through some basic steps that we know has caused some issues in the last 6 months. Hopefully this will help you get more familiar with the system

If you don’t want to watch the whole 6 minutes,  you can use these links to be taken to the specific functions you want to know about:-


Some important things to remember:-

  • Digitised readings must be re-requested each teaching period
  • The Readings link in Learning@Griffith is a Module Page (if you need to add it back into to your site)
  • Remember to click Add to My Lists for those you need to add new readings to as this makes the bookmarking sequence much easier
  • The Reading List can be accessed through Course Profiles, Learning@Griffith sites and from the Library website


Library Help page – this contains PDF guides on all the step covered here

Ask Us Questions and Answers – This is the FAQ database that can be a bit easier to navigate than the PDF guides





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