| Contributor: Henry Cook |

In our first post about PebblePad , we talked about how the system is primarily a student space where they can create and store artefacts of their learning. In this post we are going to explore how academics can also use it to deliver interactive learning activities to the students.

It is possible to build interactive study guides through the use of the Template and Workbook functions and share these to your students to complete for formative or summative learning activities.

In basic terms, Templates, can be a simple form,  that students fill out to create a record of their learning or experiences and Workbooks are a collection of these Templates that students can fill out on their own, or at an assigned pace. For example, a tutorial worksheet task (template) can be packaged up as a course study guide (workbook). The capabilities within a template can include: short answer responses, selecting responses and attaching evidence. The capabilities within templates allow for stronger interactions that promotes reflective learning and it is for this reason that PebblePad extends beyond the auto-marked quiz available within Learning@Griffith.

The video below highlights some of the features that you can utilise within your templates in order to best represent information and promote more meaningful responses from your students.

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Some advanced uses of workbooks include:

  • Marker and student only input areas for progressive assessment.
  • Building self-assessment activities for students.
  • Workbooks within workbooks to create a strong sub-navigation structure.

To get started, feel free to dive into PebblePad and start trying out the capabilities for ideas on how you might use it. When you want to start using them in your courses please get in contact the your Blended Learning Advisor or Educational Designer as they can help you design and deploy these to your students .

Further Reading/Resources

(to access some of these materials you will need to be logged on to PebblePad)

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