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The difficulties faced by getting students to partake in meaningful reflection while in collaborative projects is well known to many academics. Using PebblePad, the reflection on collaborative efforts by students can happen organically on a platform that is both easily accessible and submittable for assessment. If you would like to learn more about the PebblePad platform see the introductory episode “What is PebblePad”.

When considering student collaboration there are a few possibilities within PebblePad that can be collaborative by using blogs, portfolios or pages where students can work on an asset together that they can submit. A good case for this type of collaboration would work in line with a group activity like having students document their research and examples of their progress while developing a group artefact such as a poster or presentation. But what if you want to expand the task to include reflection on the process of group work. For example, undertaking a personal evaluation of their group members contributions to the process. PebblePad can accommodate this also.

The following video will go through some typical designs of student collaborative activities within PebblePad that you could use for your courses.

These examples are easily changeable to different situations and considering the workbook approach and reflective templates from our last post it is possible to integrate collaborative activities into a larger workbook of reflective activities for students. This has benefits beyond simply organising student responses but also develops a clear link to previous knowledge the student has created and what they are about to explore in their studies.

At the moment there is no way for students who submit a collaborative asset (through ATLAS) to populate a group mark for the work, so consider shaping this collaboration to include an individual assessment part which makes it easier for you to issue marks. However, we’re told this feature is coming in the near future. Below we’ve included a link to the learning centre which explores some of the collaboration types within PebblePad.

As with most things in PebblePad the next step is always to get in and explore the program to help shape some of your ideas. For any questions, or if you have an idea that would like to explore further, please get in contact your Blended Learning Advisor or Educational Designer.

Further Reading/Resources

(to access these materials you will need to be logged on to PebblePad)

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Read more: PebblePad Learning Centre


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