T1, 2018: Preparing your Course sites

| Contributor: Karin Barac | This episode is to bring you up to speed on a couple of changes that you need to be aware while preparing your L@G course sites for Trimester 1.  It also contains this updated video guide to conducting your course copy and the post clean-up activities. video link: https://youtu.be/7LXKzMCAkgA To guide … Continue reading T1, 2018: Preparing your Course sites


Creating Effective Online Tests

Contributor: Michael Gleeson There are a number of reasons and means of deploying tests within the blackboard environment. The focus of this episode is the possible uses of online tests and how you might construct useful multiple choice questions to get you started. Some of the ways and reasons why you might use online tests in … Continue reading Creating Effective Online Tests

Preparing your course sites

Contributor: Karin Barac Each semester (now trimester) I offer a workshop for Griffith University academics to get their Learning@Griffith sites ready for the coming teaching period. The video goes through the most common steps course convenors undertake and things to look out for when completing these steps There are chapter links within the start of … Continue reading Preparing your course sites