PebblePad for peer assessment

| Contributor: Henry Cook | Peer assessment is a powerful learning strategy to employ as it engages students in the process of critical evaluation. Through this critical evaluation of their own or their peers work students can gain a better understanding of what the assessment process is and what judgements are applied to assess their … Continue reading PebblePad for peer assessment


PebblePad for student collaborative projects

| Contributor: Henry Cook | The difficulties faced by getting students to partake in meaningful reflection while in collaborative projects is well known to many academics. Using PebblePad, the reflection on collaborative efforts by students can happen organically on a platform that is both easily accessible and submittable for assessment. If you would like to … Continue reading PebblePad for student collaborative projects

PebblePad: Building Interactive Study Guides

| Contributor: Henry Cook | In our first post about PebblePad , we talked about how the system is primarily a student space where they can create and store artefacts of their learning. In this post we are going to explore how academics can also use it to deliver interactive learning activities to the students. It is possible … Continue reading PebblePad: Building Interactive Study Guides